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Latest update: February 2, 2009 – 0954am




Coming Up Next… 

  • “A User Perspective on Research Quality”
  • “A Respecification and Extension of the DeLone and McLean Model of IS Success” by Seddon (1997) AND “Information Systems Success Revisited” by DeLone and McLean (2002) – I’ll discuss about the type of (structural) models, i.e. Process Model and Variance Model, that I extracted from these two articles. Knowing about these two models and how to distinguish them is essential for social and design science researchers so that development of ‘mixed-model’ can be avoided, as both are not suppose to be combined in a (single) model. Doing so will likely make the model rejected.
  • “Research Standards for Promotion and Tenure in Information Systems” by Dennis, et. al. (2006) – Discusses the quality of research in IS for promotion and tenure purposes. I wonder if the standard outlined in this paper is currently applied by (?)… Very interesting article indeed!
  • “Understanding Internal Consistency Reliability Estimates: A Conceptual Primer on Coefficient Alpha”
  • “Using Internet/Intranet Web Pages to Collect Organizational Research Data”
  • “The Effects of Model Parsimony and Sampling Error on the Fit of Structural Equation Models”
  • “Testing Equivalence in the Structure, Means, and Variances of Higher-Order Constructs With Structural Equation Modeling”
  • “The Relative Validity of Inferences about Mediation as a Function of Research Design Characteristics”
  • “Mediation Testing in Management Research: A Review and Proposals”
  • “Meta-Analyses: Some Very Good Steps toward a Bit Longer Journey”
  • “Psychometric Accuracy and (the Continuing Need for) Quality Thinking in Meta-Analysis”
  • “The Reporting of Nonresponse Analyses in Survey Research”
  • “Introduction: Understanding and Dealing with Organizational Survey Nonresponse”
  • “Problems with Item Parceling for Confirmatory Factor Analytic Tests of Measurement Invariance”




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